The college of Engineering Systems (ESYS) spreads over the 3rd area of the Tsukuba campus, which is placed in Tsukuba City about 60 km north-east away from Tokyo.

There are three steps to reach us.
For the step 1 and 2, more info could be found here as Dept. of IIT and we ESYS share the same buildings.

1. To the downtown Tsukuba City
Get to “Tsukuba Center” where the terminal station “Tsukuba” of the Tsukuba Express line (TX line) and the bus terinal “Tsukuba Center” are placed together.

2. To Tsukuba Campus
From “Tsukuba Center” to “Dai-San Eria Mae” (that means “At The 3rd Area”) bus stop in our campus.

3. To Buildings/Rooms
Find a building/room inside the campus.
For example, the dean office is located on the 3rd floor of the Building 3B.

Tsukuba Campus Map
Tsukuba Campus Map around the 3rd area